Lighting manufacturer turns hazardous waste into recycled asset

Lighting Manufacturer New York

Project Highlights

Client Challenge
A lighting manufacturer was eager to lease or sell an unused manufacturing facility, but first needed to find a way of removing mercury-impacted manufacturing equipment in compliance with existing regulations and without causing a negative environmental impact sometime in the future. Unfortunately, the company just didn’t know what regulations would guide them down the right path. Unable to evaluate the potential risks associated with removing mercury from the premises themselves, they sought the expertise of Haley & Aldrich Construction Services, Inc. (HCS).

Our Approach
HCS took a high-value, unconventional approach by proposing a scrap metal recycling program for the now-abandoned manufacturing equipment, rather than having the client incur the immediate high cost of disposal and its uncertain potential future environmental liability. HCS first inventoried and screened every piece of the facility’s manufacturing equipment to measure the volatile mercury. Much of the equipment had low or even non-detectable mercury levels. The HCS team then determined that they could clean out the remaining free liquids from the equipment on-site, making it possible to recycle 96% of the scrap metal left in the facility. And the team didn’t stop there. They worked with a metals recycling facility to ensure that the scrap metal they delivered could be safely possessed there, safeguarding the health of their employees and the ultimate end users.

Value Delivered

  • Saved nearly $100,000 and eliminated a potential future environmental liability for the lighting manufacturer by recycling 96% of the scrap metal, rather than disposing of it as hazardous waste 
  • HCS delivered on time and under budget, freeing up money to provide additional help to prepare the facility for its lease or sale      

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