Stew Wiley P.E.

Program Manager - Construction

Boston, MA | 617.886.7414 | | LinkedIn

Stew Wiley

Stew Wiley has been with Haley & Aldrich for more than 20 years, providing consulting and construction services to industrial, commercial and institutional clients on fast-track, complex and sensitive projects.

He has served as project manager and technical leader for more than 100 environmental remediation/construction projects, responsible for the contracting, administration, coordination, scheduling and management of multiple subcontracted trades for technically-complex and challenging environmental remediation projects. 

Stew’s construction experience is integral to the preparation of cost efficient remedial design plans and specifications that are easily implemented during construction. His “real life” knowledge of what will and – more importantly – will not work in the field are essential to HCS’s ability to minimize change orders, maximize quality, and meet schedule requirements.

Stew earned a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Bachelor of Science in geology from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear from clients about other projects that ‘cost twice as much as the engineer said it would.’ That simply can’t happen when you work with HCS, because of the disciplined management process we use.
Stew Wiley