Tom Holden

Construction Engineering Manager

Rockford, MI | 617.886.7325 | | LinkedIn

Tom Holden

Tom Holden has almost 20 years of experience on diverse projects involving evaluation, planning, design, and implementation of site remediation and redevelopment. Project experience includes hazardous waste site investigations and regulatory compliance, including project phases such as remedial investigation, feasibility study, remedial design, and remedy implementation for sites exhibiting upland soil, wetland sediment, groundwater, and surface water impacts.

He has evaluated remedial alternatives for constituent types including manufactured gas plant wastes, cyanide, chlorinated organics, heavy metals, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and petroleum hydrocarbons. Several of these projects have involved working with multiple potentially responsible parties and external stakeholders, within both State and Federal regulatory programs including CERCLA.

As Construction Engineering Manager, Mr. Holden leverages his diverse design and construction experience to successfully transition internal design-build projects from designer to constructor.

Tom earned a BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University.


There is a tremendous advantage to working with engineers that can think like builders and builders who can think like engineers. But you need expertise that comes from an entire career – not just something you read in a book.
Tom Holden